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How Do You Select the Best Web Design Firm For Your Needs?

By Leanne Carson Boyd,

The number of Web Design companies online these days is astounding, to say the least. It is startling to witness how many diverse types you will come across. Some focus in specific aspects of Web designs, and others have a very broad range in what they offer.

With this in mind, the probability of finding the perfect company for YOU should become visible quite easily ... correct? Wrong. (And a big sigh...)

Because there are so many companies to select from, your options could truly be too overwhelming. You might become disheartened, and ultimately just choose the first designer that appears on the top of the list in your trusty search engine.

This is most likely the worst line of attack. Take your time in selecting a Web Design firm. Carefully check out their portfolio. Explore their client base. Inspect all of the services they offer to make sure they reflect the services you need. Make evaluations on pricing for the services they offer in comparison with other Web Design entities. You would be amazed how often you will discover immense fluctuations between one service provider and the next.

Sometimes, if you go with a Web Design company with an impressive, large customer base, this also turns out to not be the best way to go. You may end up becoming just another bothersome client without a name. You might become just another account number - a faceless number that simply indicates your bottom-line value to them. Do you really want to become such a nameless "unit"?

Keeping that in mind, taking into consideration a smaller Web Design firm is your most excellent strategy. Often, you will find that this type of company is more personable. You might even discover yourself in the position to request much more than just deciding "when to send the payment in the mail." Smaller Web Design companies both desire and are thankful for your business. More often than not, large Web Design firms don't have - or take - the time, to care.

Do you want a Web site with a heart? I know you are saying, "What kind of question is that!" But, truly, think this one over. Do you actually feel first-rate when you, yourself visit your Web site, each and every day? I will bet that the answer is No. For this very reason, you have found If even YOU do not like your Web site, how can anybody anticipate that your prospective clients will like your Web site?

Your site lacks HEART.

Your previous designer should have put 100% commitment and dedication into your site, and therefore it would reflect YOU and your products/services. Many designers, anticipating that a site will be low-content and therefore will not bring as high a price - will simply NOT put the time, energy, and HEART into the work. And it comes off Half Baked. does not function that way. From inception to birth, your site is MY site, and I will care for it in exactly that manner. So, the big question is — are you prepared to give the opportunity to create something unique, wonderful, and with heart — for you?

The Ongoing Relationship

Once you have decided that is for you... and once you have your unique Web site up and running... is that the end of this story? Not a chance. I want you to be utterly thrilled with your new home on the World Wild Web. I will be checking in with you, to find out how you are enjoying your new "place in space."

If you have a problem, we will solve it right away. If you have suggestions for how my services can be improved, I assure you, I am all ears. I deeply appreciate not only the chance I had to build your site, but also the opportunity to remain in contact with you. Your opinions are highly valued.

   ~ Leanne

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High end Web design. What is this, precisely? Please dash your notions that a high-end Web site is out of reach. specializes in high-end, functional Web design because that is my commitment to all phases of my work. Professional Web site design and development includes outstanding design for a wide range of projects.

I have produced high end Web design and web page development and subject matter expertise for two decades, providing solutions to all levels of businesses. Home Page

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Unique Web Design

Do You Believe In Magic?

Hello! I am so glad you've discovered 1WebDiva! My name is Leanne, and I am
The Diva! Well, I believe in magic! Every day, every Internet day... I create magic, and I watch others creating it as well. After almost two decades in these technologies, it is still simply MAGICAL to me that what you type on what still feels like an IBM Selectric typewriter... comes out on what still feels like your ol' average TV... as ART.
Pure magic.

Web Design Services

You Have Not Arrived Here By Mistake.

Perhaps there is no such thing as a "mistake." I believe that mistakes, as well as accidents and other seemingly negative things, are actually... OPPORTUNITIES. They are OPEN DOORS. They are universal timing for changing your direction, for making new decisions.

Unique Design For The Internet

You Are Here Because
You Have Been Looking For Magic.

Today is your lucky day. Ooops! Except there probably is no such thing as "luck," either. Luck resides in the ability to recognize an Open Door... and having the courage to walk through it!

Killer Web Design Portfolio

If you are one of those who are demanding
a custom Web site design,
you have come to The Right Place.

Internet Marketing Tips

You have unique business goals and you need somebody to illustrate your vision of your small business, and nudge it into becoming a reality all over the Internet... all over the World!

Content Writing Tips

Perhaps your greatest need is a customization of a specific type of Web site "template" system... the Half Again scripts (StoreStacker, BlogSolution, etc...), HyperVRE, PLRPro, EthicCash products, [YACG], WordPress, Blogger, XSitePro, or any number of specialized systems. But you want UNIQUE DESIGN. And truly, that is the only way to go, for Internet success.

These are our specializations.

Web Design Tips

Savvy, smart small businesses choose custom Web design services - even though a template-driven system is available at more affordable prices. You are in a singular position because there are real reasons for choosing a template system such as Half Again, HyperVRE, or others. The reasons have to do with the script capabilities rather than the look, feel, and interface design. So now, how to take that awesome script, and create the Web space where visitors will want to stay, play, and BUY?

Ezine Tips, Newsletter Tips

Leave your competition in the dust. You CAN have an affordable, uncommon and unrivaled CUSTOM Web site that will not only give your business the online presence you require, but one that is unmatched. You will effectively beat your competition.

Get Eager Customers!

Make a bored, hurry-and-click-outta-here visitor into an eager customer. The Web site created here at will convey the strongest image to your customers. We want to help your company become a major Internet success. Your success is our success as well, and will make us proud.

Why Contact Us For Your Project?

Global Web World Success

The reason is obvious. Consider the awesome power of your chosen "template" script. A StoreStacker Store. A BlogSolution Blog that pulls more weight than the almighty WordPress. An EthicCash site or HyperVRE. You already know why you chose your medium! NOW! Consider that same site... a Web page that has a unique design as well as unique, purposefully-written and customized content... What a vital weapon to fight for your company's Ecommerce and global Web world success, and for your strong spot on the Internet, that your product deserves.

Internet Marketing Strategies

The biggest advantage of a custom-built Web site is that the Web site will perform exactly to your specifications. Your goal is to make a visitor to your Web business STAY THERE. And that is where custom Web design comes in! I hear you ask... Just how is this done? With specific Internet marketing strategies that move your business campaign to the top of the mountain.

Superb, Unique Web Design!

Your Web site will project a unique, captivating impression to your Web site guests. Our technical knowledge will ensure that your Web site will be intuitive, user-friendly, and compatible with all browsers. No detail will be left out!

Welcome To Your Unique, Exciting Journey!

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With Violets Wreathed and Robe of Saffron Hue by John William Godward

Title:With Violets Wreathed and Robe of Saffron Hue
Artist:John William Godward
Country of Origin:United Kingdom
Date of Creation:1902 AD

Our primary clients are Artists, Creatives, and businesses looking for high-end graphics and technology. Most of these are not working on 800x600 resolution anymore. Thanks for understanding.
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